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An Ideal Setting for your

Perfect Day

Cherish each moment nestled

against the forest

Picture it now...

The sun glistens through the treetops dappling warm light across a backdrop of trees reaching to the sky. A gentle breeze carries the sound of nature as your friends and family admire the moments beauty. Nestled against the forest stands a magnificent historic timbered barn, the heavy wooden doors open to the world. Behind this peaceful, nearly timeless moment, lay emerald green pastures, a heart-shaped pond and forests stretching to the horizon. The memories of joy, laughter, and love made today will last a lifetime.

Let Twin Creeks Farm host your special event. Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, retirement, or ‘just because’, we invite you to come share with us your first dance, meeting or party inside, under the wooden beams of history or toast to great memories under the stars.

Our natural setting will put your mind and your guests at ease as your perfect day unfolds…

the way you always imagined.

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