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Our Story

My husband, Mark and I bought what is now called Twin Creeks Farm in 2010.  Our interest in owning somewhere to “live and learn as a family” lead us to an old farmhouse on 15 acres with a pasture, 2 streams, outbuildings galore and a TON of potential. The original barn collapsed the first year so we set about planning. We value the history of a place and thus, with Mark’s carpentry skills and our network of friends, we rebuilt an original beam structure crafted from 100-year old submerged timber (Flathead Lake, Montana) and beams & siding from the forest on the property. We even incorporated wood from the old barn. Many of our friends said we were crazy, we prefer persistent and hardworking.


We have made the most of our time here, at Twin Creeks Farm, starting with demolition, construction and remodeling nearly every building on the property, as well as establishing a garden and an orchard, constructing a 50-foot greenhouse, building chicken coops, and excavation of a pond. We poured our heart and soul into a dairy and creamery business on the farm which we recently sold.

All this hard work and devotion to the area allow us here at Twin Creeks Farm to share with you our love of this property. Help us build lasting memories by sharing your big day with us.

Tiffany and Mark Corrao
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